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emperor_weiss's Journal

Weiss The Immaculate Emperor
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All Members , Moderated
A Weiss the Immaculate Fansite


visit #dirgeofcerberusclub@ Deviant Art

Welcome to this small community dedicated to Deepground’s most revered Emperor:
Weiss the Immaculate
Since not much Weiss-related stuff can be found, I encourage anyone
to share and to post anything about our beloved Emperor.
Just don’t forget to give proper credit.

This community is mostly yaoi-themed, but we welcome non-yaoi posts too.
All types of fanworks (with a few exceptions) can be posted here.

Allowed posts:
- Fanfictions (yaoi or non-yaoi)
- Fanarts
- Doujinshi scans/links (don't forget to credit the circle if possible)
- Fic/Fanart Recommendations should be post in links.
Don't forget to credit the original author or artist when you post recs.
- Graphic works (icons, screencaps, banners, etc)
- Introduction posts
- Character essays

Not Allowed posts:
- Flames (to community members and to the characters themselves)
- Spam (non Weiss posts)
- Other stuffs not related to this community
- Shota

Other Rules:
- Please don't forget to use the standard lj-cut rules.
This applies especially for posts which are heavily yaoi themed both in
fanfiction and fanart.
- Strictly Friend-Lock any posts that contains R-rating or with higher
rating. This is to protect both the community and its members.

Mod's email add: siberian74@gmail.com
angeal x weiss, deepground, dirge of cerberus, final fantasy vii, genesis rhapsodos, genesis x weiss, nero the sable, nero x weiss, restrictor x weiss, tsviets, vincent valentine, vincent/weiss, weiss the immaculate, weiss x nero, yaoi